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1020 Koshikiya, Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture
362-0064 Japan
TEL: 81-48-726-1341
FAX: 81-48-725-5689
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Company Information


@Our company has consistently been a gasket manufacturer since 1941. Currently, we make main products such as seat packing, metal gaskets, molded rubber products for automobiles/equipments, and parts in the car exhaust system.  Our products have been highly evaluated with trust by satisfying our customersf requests.

Requirements for quality have become stricter as time goes by, however, we promise to make more efforts together to develop constantly-advanced materials proactively, utilizing our long-term know-hows with our corporate motto such as high quality, low price, and on-time delivery.

We would greatly appreciate it if we could have your continued support in the future.

 President  Katsuya Yuuki
Environmental Policy
Basic Philosophy
We contribute to our society providing customer-satisfied products by assembling each individualfs skills and knowledge to make excellent products.
1.  Environmental Preservation
We comply with all environmental-related laws and regulations including other requirements agreed by ABO TECHNO Co., Ltd. to prevent environmental pollution and preserve the regional environment continuously for reducing environmental burden.
2. Human Dignity
Striving to clean up the environment, we cultivate our employees with humanity through arranging cheerful and comfortable work environment.
Action Agenda
1. Enhancing the efficiency of using raw materials, energy and others, and making efforts to recycle resources.
2. Aiming to make our factory clean and well organized.
3. Promoting activities to reduce defective work cost.

Major Equipment
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