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1020 Koshikiya, Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture
362-0064 Japan
TEL: 81-48-726-1341
FAX: 81-48-725-5689
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Company Profile

Name of Company



1020 Koshikiya, Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture

362-0064 Japan


Katsuya Yuuki


10 million yen

Annual Sales

1,000 million yen

Number of Employees



TEL: 81-48-726-1341
FAX: 81-48-725-5689

 Description of Business

Manufacturing/sales of gaskets, sound insulation parts, press work products and sheet-metal welding process products, rubber molding products for automobiles and industrial equipments

Major Client Companies

UD Trucks Corporation

MAHLE Filter Systems Japan Corporation

Sueyoshi Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Ahresty Corporation

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Univance Corporation

TBK Co., Ltd.

Katakura Industries Co., Ltd.

Yorozu Corporation

Full-Chu Corp.

(Honorifics omitted, random order)


Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., Omiya Branch

Japan Finance Corporation, Saitama Branch

Company History

June 1941

Established as an individual proprietorship, ABO Packing Factory.
Started manufacturing gaskets for aircrafts and ships at Nakano Factory

April 1947

Shifted over to manufacture gaskets for automobiles and equipments iBusiness started with Nissan Diesel Motor Co., Ltd. since 1946j

April 1948

Set up Ginza Sales Office

October 1951

Constructed Edogawa Factory, and started manufacturing rubber molding products

December 1968

Reorganized corporation organization.

Established ABO Packing Co., Ltd.

April 1972

Constructed Ageo Factory.

Enhanced gaskets/press processing facilities.

October 1977

Closed Edogawa Factory and transferred manufacturing  facilities to Ageo Factory

December 1986

Closed Ginza Sales Office

September 1987

Closed Nakano Factory and integrated into Ageo Factory

July 1997

Ageo Factory enlarged (1st stage)

October 1997

Ageo Factory enlarged (2nd stage)

October 1998

Headquarters was transferred to Ageo

July 2000

Ageo Factory enlarged (3rd stage)

September 2001

Obtained ISO 9002 Certification

March 2003

May 2010


Obtained ISO 9001 Certification

Obtained ISO 14001 Certification

September 2012

Company name changed to ABO TECHNO Co., Ltd.


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