Product Introduction
œSoft Gasket

Ÿ For Engine Gasket
Ÿ For Transmission
Ÿ For Industrial Use, Water Pipe, others

Gaskets made of asbestos-free materials are constantly being improved by testing, meets required function by high quality and appropriate choice of materials. And they are expected to be as more reliable parts.

There are various materials such as water resistant, oil resistant, oil swelling, water swelling, heat resistant, and cold resistant depending on sealed fluid types, which correspond to the temperature -50 to 150 degrees Celsius.  Felt processing for dust-proof seals is also available.

Soft Gasket
œMetal and Semi-Metal Gasket
Metal and Semi-Metal Gasket ŸFor Exhaust Manifold
ŸFor Turbocharger
ŸFor E. G. R. Cooler
ŸFor Exhaust Pipe/Muffler
ŸFor Intake Manifold
ŸFor Gear Case and Front Plate
ŸFor Water Pump
ŸFor Oil Cooler
ŸFor Oil Pump and others

Heat-resistant materials such as plated sheet metal, stainless steel, inconel and graphite are processed independently or in combination to make products. Gaskets without heat resistance requirements are made of metal rubber or metal graphite, and are mainly used after bead processing. We provide high quality and functional gaskets satisfying our customers to meet their requests with our manufacturing technology and know-hows.
œInsulating Cover
ŸExhaust Manifold Cover
ŸTurbocharger Cover
ŸMuffler Cover
ŸIntake Manifold Cover
ŸD. P. F. Cover
ŸT. Mission Gear Cover and others

We are proud of our composite parts functionally combined with various materials such as heat shield, sound insulation and sound absorption covers, that meet the customer needs.
ŸExhaust Pipe Cover

We meet the customer needs by making complex shape using stainless-steel covers that are corrosion resistance and heat resistance.


SUS304 0.8





SUS304 0.6



Exhaust Manifold Cover Exhaust Pipe Cover
œWelded Component


We manufacture running boards for double cap with extreme care not to decrease welding intensity for ensuring human safety.

Product Dimension


œPress Processing Parts : Baffle Plates

ŸFor Locker Cover
ŸFor Oil Pan and others

High-quality and high-precision baffle plates satisfying required specification have currently been used for Nissan Motor Co., UD Trucks Corporation, and Honda Motor Co.

Baffle Plates
Locker Cover Baffle Plates Oil Pan Baffle Plates
Locker Cover Baffle Plates Oil Pan Baffle Plates
œPress Processing Parts
ŸVarious Brackets
ŸVarious Stays
ŸVarious Fuel Tube Support and Clamp
ŸFuel Tank Cap
ŸOther Functional Parts

Medium and small sized metal press processing parts have a favorable reputation with high-quality and high-precision. We accept small quantity as well as volume productions.
Press Processing Parts
œRubber Molding Parts : Locker Cover Gasket
Rubber Molding Parts ŸGasket made of one type of solid rubber
ŸRubber Vulcanized Adhesive Gasket for Metal Base Materials

Our gaskets made from NBR, acrylic, silicon, and fluorine rubber are used for engines of automobiles, agricultural/construction/industrial machines, etc.

Product Dimension


œRubber Functional Parts
ŸSeal Washer
ŸCushion Rubber
ŸMasking Rubber
ŸRubber for Medical Use
ŸVarious Grommet
ŸVulcanized Adhesive (Clasp and Rubber)

We provide high-quality parts made from NR, CR, NBR, EPDM, IR, acrylic, silicon and/or fluorine rubber.
Rubber Functional Parts
œParts for Vibration Control, Sound Insulation and Sound Absorption
Parts for Vibration@Control ŸVibration Control Parts
ŸSound Absorption Parts
ŸSound Insulation Parts

The emission gas and noise regulations have come into effect under the worldwide environmental issues and are becoming more severe every year. We have entered into the area of sound sealing and have already obtained a lot of actual results and favorable reputation. Specialized materials including sound absorption, sound isolation and vibration control parts can functionally be combined, and single components are available.
œSeat Processing
ŸRubber for Vehicles, Urethane Foam Seat Processing
ŸRubber for Engines, Urethane and Fiberglass Processing

Shearing and punching of NBR, EPDM, CR, Silicon, Fiberglass, Urethane Foam, and Sponge Seats are available. Prototype and mass-produced products are also available for processing.B
œOther Products Lineup
Other Product Lineup ŸPTFE, PP, and other Resin Parts
ŸRubber Vulcanized Adhesion  Stud, Screw Seal Process Stud
ŸBearing Cap Assembly
ŸHeat-Resistant Tubes and Protective Tubes
ŸTail-Pipe Filter
ŸPVC Parts
   (Terminal Caps for Capacitor)
ŸSUS Net Washer and Net Filter
ŸController Parts and others
œGasket Kit Products (UD Genuine Parts)
UD Parts We have been commercialized genuine gasket kits and parts for engines and transmission over the years and have a variety of know-hows in this field.
UDƒGƒ“ƒWƒ“Aƒ~ƒbƒVƒ‡ƒ“‚̏ƒ³ƒKƒXƒPƒbƒg¤•i‚ð—˜—p UD GENUINE PARTS